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Q: How can I cut/copy/paste while editing question/answer? I don't see a menu. (GUI question)
A: Use keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+X for cut, CTRL+C for copy, CTRL+V for paste).

Q: Can I input grades from numeric keyboard, not using the mouse? (FOX GUI question)
A: Yes, click on the question (or the answer) area. Now you can use the keyboard keys: 0 to 5 (5 is the best grade), "space" and "enter" key ("enter" on keypad) work like "OK" button.

Q: Can I import/export learning data from/to SuperMemo?
A: You can't. At least not in the current MemAid version.

Q: (KMemAid)... I don't see the 'Learn' menu item!
A: As the most KDE programs KMemAid needs several files to work correctly. The file that is responsible for the menu-structure is "kmemaidui.rc". But other files like the help files are crutial to this explanation, too. All files are spread into the KDE directory structure. E.g. on SuSE systems that is "/opt/kde3". Sometimes the configure script does not detect the correct directory and stores KMemAid in "/usr/local/kde". But when KMemAid starts up it looks in the wrong directory for its configuration files. The easiest way to solve this problem is to start the configure script with the correct directory as a parameter. On SuSE systems that is:

>./configure --prefix=/opt/kde3

Do not forget make and make install afterwards.

Q: Can I import q/a data from SuperMemo to MemAid readable format?
A: Yes, at least from SuperMemo7 format. (I'm not sure about later versions).
Look in src/extras (memaid package, it can be not available in kmemaid package) - there is sm7import.c
On Unix/Linux:
cd src/extras
make sm7import
And you will have a simple converter.
(run ./sm7import to see further instructions)

Q: Does MemAid use UTF-8?
A: FOX GUI version: No. Probably will use UTF-8 somewhere in the future (the problem is that Fox Toolkit doesn't work without problems with Unicode yet). Currently KMemAid supports UTF-8 though.

Q: How to us UTF-8 in KMemAid? I can type non-English characters, but later they are being replaced by question mark.
A: Please set up your locale fonts to UTF-8
(e.g. LANG=en_US.UTF-8; you will probably also have to change CTYPE).

Q: I want MemAid on Windows... any chance?
A: Yes. But currently we don't have any Windows developers in the team...

Q: If I input a new set of items with grade, and then choose learn, it says 'Nothing more to learn'. Isn't this strange, because one would expect that these items would be presented immediately?
A: Well, elements you input (in the GUI version) are goining to the learning process immediately. If you input a new item (question/answer), then choose grade 0 than it will be scheduled (most probably) on next day, never on the same.
(New interval is always > 0).
If you just typed a new item then there is not much point to repeat it immediately (you will still remember it, most probably).
On the other hand, if you input a lot of items, and some had grade zero, then it might be beneficial to repeat it yet again on the end (the same day) ...
(SuperMemo, similar software, uses this approach: all elements on a given day that had a grade are in additional queue that fire up on the end).
I am thinking about this feature and I am still not sure if it's worth implementing and complicating code (Its benefits are a bit controversial).

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